The Bouncer Smith Chronicles: A Lifetime of Fishing

Hi, my name is Bouncer Smith. I have been addicted to fishing since I was about 4 years old. I have been in the fishing business since I graduated from high school. That’s about 53 years. This website shares some pictures that relate to a book I have written about my lifetime of fishing. It tells stories about good days and bad, great clients and great fish. Check out the pictures as you read the book, after you read the book or so you can be inspired to read the book. I hope you enjoy “The Bouncer Smith Chronicles “

Captain Bouncer in
his own Words

My fishing career started more than sixty years ago when offshore and backwater fishing was a family event with my parents, sisters, brother, and friends. Since the first time a rod twitched in my hands, I was hooked, pun intended. Living in South Florida since 1956, I have been exposed to more opportunities to catch magnificent fish than is imaginable. There has never been any doubt that I would make a career out of fishing; it is the only thing I ever wanted to do. And now, after fifty-two years as a fishing guide, I have never for a minute lost my enthusiasm. Of course some of my adventures have been very challenging, but the spirit is alive in me now as much as it was all those years ago. Some of my stories are humorous, others are heartwarming; and some may seem like foolish adventures. Anyone who spends five or six decades on the water can expect to see some crazy stuff.

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The Bouncer Smith Chronicles, A Lifetime of Fishing, presents the stories of the legendary fishing guide and captain, Bouncer Smith. To enhance your reading pleasure this website was created so that you can visualize the stories in the book through photographs that also chronicle his life. Enjoy this unique adventure as you read the book and view the action. Tight lines.

Captain Bouncer Smith.

In the News

Here’s a story by South Florida sports journalist, Craig Davis. Capt. Bouncer Smith still showing anglers good times after 52 years. Legendary fishing guide reflects on a lifetime of fishing in a new book, ‘The Bouncer Smith Chronicles’